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- Graphic Design -

We offer FREE Graphic Design with every Screen Printing order!! We will beat any quote on Graphic Artwork and offer competitive rates at $50hr. We can Design you: Flyers - Mailers - Band Flyers - Band Artwork - Album Art - Company LOGO's - Advertisements - ANYTHING!! Most art done in ONE HOUR!! We will work with you to design a LOGO or print your existing LOGO with satisfaction GUARANTEED!!

Business Advertisements

We can do any type of advertisements that your business needs. Whether it be LOGO work or Mailers, J.A.M. Screen Printing can get you out the door quicker and for less money than the competition.

Mailers for Advertising here at J.A.M. Screen Printing

Band Posters at J.A.M. Screen Printing

Band Posters

We can do band artwork for any genre and budget.

We can do entire album art or single pictures. Anything you can imagine, we can make a reality. From computer graphics to hand drawn art, J.A.M. Screen Printing is your one stop shop for Band Merchandise!

Posters can be as simple or as intricate as you wish. Our rates are very competitive at $50 an hour with most orders being completed in the first hour. 

Call us today with your idea and we'll give you a FREE quote!

Band Posters J.A.M. Screen Printing


Designing a great LOGO can make all the difference when trying to market a given product or company. J.A.M. Screen Printing & Graphic Design will work with you to come up with a LOGO that is perfect for your needs. Or, if you have an existing LOGO we can digitize it, re-work it, or modernize it to your exact specification at an affordable rate!

The finest Screen Printed Shirts in Peoria, IL.

We are the ONLY Tee Shirt Company the offers a 5-7 Business Day turnaround time on orders in Peoria, IL.

We pride ourselves on producing the HIGHEST QUALITY custom Tshirts in Peoria, IL.

T-Shirt Printing, Tee Shirt Companies, Tee Shirt Printing, T-Shirt Companies, There are lots of different ways to get to a T-shirt Shop...

Now Offering Embroidery!!

OTHER NAMES, Sometimes people refer to T-Shirt Printing as a number of different things. Some people call it Silk Screening, Some people call it Screen Printing. We want you to know that here at JAM Screen Printing, we do all of these! We have also heard a shirt referred to as: Tee Shirt, T-shirt, Tshirt, and all sorts of other spellings... We know what you're talking about and we have a highest quality, lowest price GUARANTEE!!


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