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Highest Quality, Lowest Price Guaranteed!!!

Email us any written quote and we'll take a look!! If we can't beat it,

we'll let you know that is your lowest price!! 

Call: 309-635-8667

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The finest Screen Printed T-Shirts and Apparel in Peoria, IL.

JAM Shirts

We are the ONLY Tee Shirt Company the offers a 5-7 Business Day turnaround time on orders in Peoria, IL.

We pride ourselves on producing the HIGHEST QUALITY custom Tshirts in Peoria, IL. Of all the T-Shirt companies in Peoria, IL. and even Central IL, we pride ourselves on being the BEST.

T-Shirt Printing, Tee Shirt Companies in Peoria, IL, Peoria, IL. Tee Shirt Printing, T-Shirt Companies, There are lots of different ways to get to a T-shirt Shop... Peoria, IL. T-Shirt printing is the highest quality GUARANTEED.

Now Offering Embroidery!!

OTHER NAMES, Sometimes people refer to T-Shirt Printing as a number of different things. Some people call it Silk Screening, Some people call it Screen Printing. We want you to know that here at JAM Screen Printing in Peoria, IL., we do all of these! We have also heard a shirt referred to as: Tee Shirt, T-shirt, Tshirt, and all sorts of other spellings... FOR THIS REASON WE HAVE TO USE SEVERAL SPELLINGS SO GOOGLE WILL PICK US UP IN THE SEARCH TERMS - We know what you're talking about and we have a highest quality, lowest price GUARANTEE!!


Peoria, IL. T-shirts - Peoria, IL. JAM Screen Printing

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